Jeff McBride

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A foremost innovator and one of magic's most exciting performers, Jeff McBride combines mask, martial arts, Kabuki theatre, world class sleight-of-hand, stories from around the world, grand illusion - and more - to create electrifying performances that thrill a wide range of audiences.  Click the video link above for a fast introduction!

In his home city of Las Vegas, Jeff has recently completed a run of both his show Magic at the Edge, and his new magical club experience McBride's Wonderground at the Palace Station casino, winning rave reviews for both events. McBride's Wonderground has since moved to once  monthly apperances every third Thursday at the Olive Grill, on E. Sunset Road, where it continues to grow and generate buzz as Las Vegas' most interesting alternative magic and performance art venue.

A recent appearance on The World Magic Awards (Best Classical Magician), several featured spots on  Masters of Illusion and McBride's participation as a judge on VH-1's Celebracadabra are just the latest in a string of television appearances covering every major network. His unique theatrical style of magic combines pantomime, masks, martial arts, Kabuki theater and a dozen varied performing disciplines with world class sleight of hand to create magic that is not simply mystifying, but dramatic and deeply moving.

Founder of the McBride Magic & Mystery School, McBride is an accomplished creative consultant, teacher and lecturer, in addition to his amazing capabilities as a performer. He continues to travel the world performing and teaching, building an extensive network of contacts in the magic, performing arts, corporate theater and academic worlds who share his enthusiasm for all things magical.

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