Marco Tempest Video

Meet Marco Tempest on Video

Marco has been a favorite on the conference and high-tech meeting circuit for a number of years, including the popular TED conferences. Creating new material for TED each year has become a major project -- and his talks that accompany the performance pieces are nearly as entertaining as the performance pieces themselves. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Marco's Story Telling Magic at TED: 


The Magic of Truth & Lies, first presented at TEDglobal 2011: 


Click here to visit Marco's Speaker Page at to see his other TED presentations. 


Here's a piece with Marco talking a bit about his own approach to magic, performance and creativity. A chance to get to know the man behind the magic a bit better.


Just for fun, here's one of Marco's older demos. Who else was doing this kind of thing 8-10 years ago? No one!