Team Bio - Jade



The exotic allure of Jade's magic stems from her Chinese heritage and her childhood on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Jade took the male-dominated world of magic by storm in 1990, when she won first place in the International Brotherhood of Magicians' World Magic Competition. More importantly, a panel of celebrity judges honored her with the organization's coveted Gold Medal of Magic, a prize awarded only a handful of times in the competition's 20-year history. To date, she remains the sole woman to receive this honor.


The renown from her win propelled Jade into appearances on foreign and national television. She has performed on the stages of variety theaters in Europe and Canada; luxury cruise lines like American Hawaii and Holland America; and casino revue shows in Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe, Biloxi, and Las Vegas. Her impressive list of corporate clients includes Hewlett Packard, Apple Computer, General Electric, and Sony.


Monte Carlo 1994, the Royal Family of Monaco invited Jade to perform at the Princess Grace Theater, an honor she considers a highlight of her career. Paris 1999, France's Minister of Defense personally presented her the Golden Mandrake Award, France's most prestigious magic honor. Las Vegas 2000, the International Magicians Society recognized Jade as "Best Female Magician of the Year". 

Jade's fluency in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English has proven a bonus in her travels and engagements, allowing her to exchange illusionary techniques with other master magicians throughout the globe. As Jade's repertoire and talents expand and become even more diverse, the extraordinary beauty and grace of her enchanting performances will continue to enrapture audiences around the world!