Team Bio - Bryce Kuhlman

Bryce Kuhlman

Bryce started his first business when he was 10 years old. Having spent a couple of years learning magic, working with great mentors, and performing with local magic groups, it didn't take him long to venture out on his own as a performer. By the time he was in high-school, Bryce was doing magic professionally at restaurants and private parties. The magic business continued to support him through six years of college.

In college, Bryce found he could apply the principles learned in the conjuring arts to other subjects. Magic is inherently a creative art that requires innovative thinking. Particularly, he discovered many parallels between magic and software. Each discipline requires basic principles that could be learned through time and effort. Once the groundwork had been laid, the level of success was only a matter of imagination.

Out of college, Bryce spent three years working for Motorola's commercial satellite division, before venturing out on his own, building and maintaining websites for several famous magicians. He realized that everyone could work more efficiently if they had tools that would allow website owners to manage their own content.

He soon realized his software could serve a wide variety of businesses and organizations, and now for nearly a decade, he has been building custom software for online businesses. The goal is to provide software that makes the mundane business tasks easy to accomplish in as little time as possible.

Along the way, Bryce has developed a passion for applying his creativity and knowledge to different business types, and has become a bit of a serial entrepreneur.  Among those businesses are web-sites for magicians, software development, investing and, of course, the performance of magic.