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Beyond Applause - Online Workshop

March/April 2019

What/ Why 

You've worked hard to build a great performance or keynote--but might be feeling frustrated about the process of creating a successful business. When you've never really run a business and are suddenly confronted with all kinds of financial, legal, marketing and other concerns, it can be overwhelming and frustrating. That's why I wrote Beyond Applause: Marketing & Management for the Indedependent Performer. But reading a book--even if you do all of the worksheets--is sometimes less effective than actually working through all the lessons in that book with a group of peers. Regular class times and assignments are just what many of us need in order to keep ourselves on track. That's why I"m offering this 12-part workshop, meeting every Tuesday and Friday from March 19 - April 26.

When you sign up, you'll be one of a group of between 6 and 8 individuals, all going through the process of building their own businesses--and of working their way through Beyond Applause, as well. I'll lead the group, but I expect you'll learn as much from one another as you will from me. Over the course of the 12 sessions, we'll deal with all of the different things you'll want to master in order to run your business. Purpose, financial, legal, strategy, team building, marketing, communications, sales and more


Leader: Tobias Beckwith

For 25 years I’ve managed the businesses and produced and directed shows for Jeff McBride, Marco Tempest and s everal other artists. Before that I served on the production and management teams of shows on Broadway and national tour. The live entertainment business is unlike any other, and I've been neck deep in it for a very long time. What I share in these sessions is from that experience, and from my own continuing studies of business, entrepreneurship, marketing, etc.

Subject:  The Business of the Independent Performer (Magician, Speaker, Juggler, Face Painter, Ventriloquist…)

How it Works

We will treat one main subject each week: Mission/Vision, Systems, Team Building, Legal Aspects, Marketing, Show Building, Finances, Strategies, Monetization, Social Media, Web-Sites, etc. I will send you a brief e-mail on Sunday setting the subject for that week, along with a short assignment on that subject. Then we'll have two brief (15 minute) sessions as part of a Google Hangout (this may change at some point), from 8:00-8:15am (Pacific Time) on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Each session will include up to one minute for each of you to "check in" and let the rest of us know what current issues you might be facing, and then we'll spend the rest of the time discussing those issues and our subject for the week. Part of the reason for these short sessions is to encourage ourselves to be concise in the way we express ourselves in similar situations. Wasting time when working on your business is wasting money! In addition to these sessions, each person registered can set up a session by phone, Skype or hangout with me for personal consultation of an additional 10-15 minutes during that week.

I will record the sessions and post them to a subscriber-only channel on my Vimeo account. Only four sessions will be available there at a time, so if you miss a "live" session and want to view it after the fact, you'll be able to do that for up to two weeks after the session. After that, the video coverage will vanish. In a like manner, the time for your one-on-one time with me will not rollover to future weeks. This is a use it or lose it situation--again, a reflection of the "real world" of business. Missed opportunities are missed, and may not come around again.


There are three ways to pay:

You can buy just one week for a one-time payment of $35.00 OR you can commit for 4 weeks, and get a 10% discount on the weekly price, which makes the total cost for 4 weeks come out to $126.00. Use this button for either of these options.As an alternative (and for the best weekly price), sign up for a subscription, and get a full 20% off the $35 full-price weekly fee. This means you'll be paying just $28 per week. Subscriptions will automatically renew for 10 weeks. You can, of course, withdraw at any time by sending me an e-mail ( and asking to unsubscribe. 

I'm hoping most of you will choose this option, as it is by far the best deal here, and it commits you to doing the work in a way that is consistent and ongoing. Just one week, or even four, isn't really enough to make a big difference. However, developing the habit of taking time to work on your business for concentrated short periods like this, over the course of a few months, can make a huge difference. I also feel that you need to commit to this sort of thing for more than just a week. The more we can establish regular habits as we run our businesses, the more successful those businesses are likely to become. Regular systems give control, and a way of checking on what works and what doesn't.

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Ground rules: 

Materials distributed are for your personal use only, not to be reprinted or shared. The seminar space is “safe space,” meaning we are there to help one another, and we don’t tell others outside the group about what we hear and learn in the sessions. If one of us tells a story or relates something they might find embarrassing, we all agree we will not repeat the story or embarrassing experience outside the group. We’re here to help one another, not to spread gossip. In a like manner, we’re not here to poach clients from one another.


  • Group sessions (8:00-8:15am PST in a Google+ Hangout) every Tuesday and Friday;
  • Private sessions: Schedule with me via e-mail at least 2 days in advance. Have a couple of options open, since I do keep a fairly full schedule. Up to 15 minutes per week.

You can unsubscribe at any time by sending me an e-mail asking me to unsubscribe you. My e-mail is You can also go to your own Paypal account and de-authorize the recurring payment at any time.