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Magical Entertainment can be a fantastic way to bring new audiences to your theater and to reward your subscribers with a show that's a bit out of the ordinary.  These three are amazing.  All are easily presented, with minimal technical requirements, tested publicity materials and maximum theatricality.  All three feature seasoned performers and have received rave reviews from both audiences and critics in the markets they have played. (Click images for further info)

Jeff McBride's

Many Faces of Magic

Mysteries of the Mind

with Paul Draper

Christian Cagigal's

Now and at the Hour

Jeff McBride’s solo Magic UnMasked has won rave reviews and standing ovations from New York to Las Vegas and at arts festivals around the world.   Presenting magic that moves far beyond mere tricks and illusions,  McBride is a consummate entertainer and showman. His unique variety of magic combines masks, pantomime, Kabuki theater and martial arts with world class sleight of hand.   The New York Times says of McBride, “He wrestles with titanic unseen forces.  He does not do rabbits.”  Variety calls him “An ace showman.  McBride delivers a colorful, eye-popping extravaganza that is sure to evoke wonder from even the most cynical.”

Paul Draper is an anthropologist, magician and mind-reader of extraordinary ability.  He has wowed audiences in Las Vegas, Hollywood and throughout the country over the past several years.  Draper's Mysteries of the Mind is a delightful interactive entertainment where spectators become the stars of the show.  At one point, audience members actually learn to read one another’s minds.
"My skills are like Sherlock Holmes," Draper says. "I mix magic, anthropology, psychology and theater together to create a conversation about the powers of the human mind and the richness of human consciousness."

Now and at the Hour is Christian Cagigal’s latest full theater piece, which has scored a hit at the NYC FRIGID Festival and won sell-out audiences and rave reviews over an extended run in his native San Francisco.  Cagigal combines his own brand of mental magic with a powerful theatrical presence and riveting story in this magic play.  A real treat for lovers of magic and theater.
"Style, dignity, and true artistry...a unique and genuine theatrical experience that should not be missed."  - NY
"... a powerful, and at times, even a meditative experience — engaging from start to finish."   - SF Examiner

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