Christian Cagigal - Now and at the Hour

"'Now and at the Hour' is a unique and genuine theatrical experience that should not be missed"

"The appearance of occult powers was strong enough to leave me feeling unsettled and slightly violated for the rest of the evening."
-SF Weekly

"His antics bespeak a certain creepiness albeit the kind that sends alternating shivers of delight and anxiety through the crowd."
-SF Station

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Christian Cagigal's Now and at the Hour blends magic and narrative theater in a curiously moving evening that will leave audiences craving more.  The show is a tightly crafted work that takes place "at the hour" and for precisely one hour - mearsured by a large hour glass that Cagical starts at the top of the show, and packs away, along with the rest of his props at the end.

Cagical enters carrying a suitcase, and the entire show comes out of the case.  He performs strange "time travel" pieces of mental magic, interwoven with the story of growing up with a father who was a mentally damaged Vietnam veteran, and how that affected young Christian and his magic.  The whole evening is a bit spooky - one really does wonder just where reality leaves off and the trickery might begin.  Howver, it is also an unquestionably touching journey as we get to know this very likeable, though somewhat quirky performer.  An accomplished actor, Cagical always leaves us feeling he is completely in control, and that we are in good hands.

The show travels light:  Simple lighting, a stage set of only two tables and chairs, and the props and costumes all come packed in Cagigal's small suitcase.  Perfect for small to medium sized venues, and most appropriate for audiences of thinking, sophisticated adults.

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