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Why Your Magic?

At Yourmagic.com, we believe performance magic, done right, can be among the most potent and powerful of the live performance arts. For most of us, most of the time, perception is reality—and the magician is the artist most wholly dedicated to controlling and disrupting perceptions.

We’ve been managing magicians’ careers and producing various forms of magical entertainment since 1989. Jeff McBride, Marco Tempest, Jade and Paul Draper have been our top collaborators. To this day, we continue to book Jeff McBride for all kinds of performances, and to assist with the running of his McBride’s Magic & Mystery School, the number one school for magicians in the world.

The artists and associates working with Yourmagic.com are all unique in that they all use tricks and deception as a tool - but only one of their tools - to create truly magical theatrical experiences.  Magic should do more than fool you--it is a tool for transformation, for delight, for inspiration and for disruption. We are dedicated to putting our magic to work for good causes--for your good causes. Hence, "your" magic.

We work in theaters, corporate meetings, trade shows, casinos, arts festivals, museums - almost anywhere you can imagine a performance, and a few you probably never thought of. (Marco Tempest performed among the monuments at Luxor just a couple of years ago, for example, to launch the IFA World Cup season).  More than anything else, we are a team of wizards who design experiences to serve our clients.  Challenge us to help you transform your audiences - whether they be potential customers, your own team, the national press...or anyone else.  Let us make Our Magic Your Magic today!

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Tobias Beckwith

Tobias leads the team. Producer, manager, director, he has been the moving force behind Yourmagic.com since 1988.

Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride revolutionized the art of magic with his unique combination of mask, mime, Kabuki and martial arts with sleight of hand. One of the most widely awarded performers in the world of magic, he is also founder and leader of McBride's Magic & Mystery School.

Paul Draper

Paul Draper is an anthropologist, magician and mind-reader of extraordinary ability.  He has wowed audiences in Las Vegas, Hollywood and throughout the country over the past several years.  Draper's Mysteries of the Mind is a delightful interactive entertainment where spectators become the stars of the show


Jade took the world of magic by storm in 1990, when she became the first woman to win the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ coGold Medal of Magic, a prize awarded only a handful of times in the competition’s long history.

Marco Tempest

Adventurer, Scientist, Showman, Dreamer and Hero… There’s no one quite like Marco Tempest. His imaginative combination of digital imagery, video, music and stagecraft with a unique vision of the future is creatively unique and unequaled within the performing arts.

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