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Beyond Applause: Marketing & Management for Independent Performers (Tobias Beckwith)

Beyond Deception, Vol. 1: The Theory and Practice of Creating Original Magic  (Tobias Beckwith)

Beyond Deception, Volume 2: From the Wizard's Corner - Essays on life as a magician. (Tobias Beckwith)

The Show Doctor, (Jeff McBride) Essential lessons for becoming a better performer.


12 sessions based on the work set forth in the book Beyond Applause. Tobias takes you step by step through the thinking and creation of a business as a professional performer. From defining your market, the benefits you provide, all of the legal and financial aspects of running the business and on to the details of sales, marketing and setting up systems to automate all of that.

“By the time you complete this course, you will have actually done all of the things you need to in order to get your business up and running…and generating new clients on a regular basis.”


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Attend classes with the greatest teachers in the world of magic. Jeff McBride has been teaching magic for almost 30 years, and is widely acknowledged as the top teacher and consultant in the world of magic today. He is joined by regular and visiting faculty for many classes, not only at his "House of Mystery" in Las Vegas, but online (Mystery School Mondays!) and on tour around the world.


A. Las Vegas & Silicon Valley

P. +1 (415) 889-9491