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The Wizard's Way  by Tobias Beckwith

Creating Business Magic by David Morey, Eugene Burger & John McLaughlin

The Wizards Way to Powerful Presentations by Tobias Beckwith


We offer engaging lectures and participatory workshops that deliver actionable tools proven to help leaders and their teams.

Tobias Beckwith has been teaching communications and performing arts for several decades. More recently his fascination with the workings of the human mind, inspired by a wide range of influences from neuroscience to shamanism, hypnotic suggestion and the workings of the super-changemakers he thinks of as "real wizards" have inspired him to take the tools of actors, yogies, scientists and magicians and find ways to make those techniques useful for leaders in the business realm. Talks inspire more effective leadership, innovation and the power to create change in the world. All talks are interactive and use performance magic and stories to make sure their messages are effective -- and entertaining -- for each audience.

Anthropologist and organizational expert Paul Draper has taught at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and served as a master lecturer at Yale University. For seven years, he represented the Casino Floor and Marketing Department for Sands Corporation at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He has recently consulted for Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, and in Florida, he has acted as a consultant for Martin Memorial Health Systems, for Orlando Healthcare Systems, for Tallahassee Healthcare Systems, and for Lee Health in Fort Myers. In addition to his multiple TEDx talks, Paul has been featured as an expert on the History Channel, A&E, and the Hallmark Channel.


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Wizard Power!


Join Tobias Beckwith for an engaging and entertaining class on the Wizard Principles that will empower you to make a positive impact in your life and organization. This immersive experience will teach you to "think different" by learning to question everything, take radical responsibility, and view situations from multiple perspectives.


The "wizards" you will learn from include some of greatest world changers of all time. Leonardo da Vinci, Mohandas Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman and Steve Jobs all had ways of approaching life and business far from the ordinary -- and their achievements reflect their unorthodox approach.


With the help of optical illusions, storytelling structure, and theatrical magic tricks, you'll learn how to improve job skills training and engagement, and to communicate effectively and persuasively with others. Discover the power of teaching through entertainment, and learn the tricks of the trade to become a captivating storyteller and teacher.


Don't wait to unleash your potential and tap into your inner wizard! Contact us today to schedule this life-changing class for your group. Join us for Wizard Power and unlock the magic within!


Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast


Join Paul Draper for our “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” course and equip yourself with the skills you need to improve your organization. You'll learn to create strategies that are rooted in the culture of your startup, driving your business forward.


Everyone talks about the importance of company culture, but few truly understand how to observe it, quantify it, develop it, heal its wounds, and celebrate its successes. Discover how to evaluate organizational culture, build a culture that aligns with your values, and develop strategies that bring success.


Learn leadership and team management, conflict resolution, collaboration, and how to create a culture of innovation and creativity. With the skills and knowledge gained from this course, you'll be able to successfully create and implement strategies, build a workplace culture that supports your goals, and create a team of passionate and engaged individuals.


Don't miss this opportunity to transform your startup and achieve success. Join us now!

Performing Skills  for Entrepreneurs


While still in graduate school, Tobias Beckwith was drafted to teach acting and public speaking, and he has continued to develop skills and knowledge in both areas ever since.


 Actors learn to transform themselves quickly in ways that not only affect others but also change their own minds. Things you once thought you could never do suddenly become not only possible, but easy. Once the techniques are learned, you can use them in many situations.


It’s the same with the ability to communicate in any kind of organization -- whether as a speaker, meeting participant, or otherwise.  Learn to connect with your audiences. Discover the ability to define clear goals, and then use effective communication and persuasion to achieve those goals. Leadership is a skill that can be learned and developed by anyone, regardless of their background or current position.


“Change your mind to change the world.”


Tobias Beckwith worked on Broadway with some of the biggest stars and has been in leadership production roles for some of the most successful and longest running musicals of all time. He has taught theater and communications at several universities and research I institutions and corporations.


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