You ARE Magic!

Unlock the power of your imagination and create the world you desire with YouR Magic. We provide talks and workshops that are designed to empower you and your team to think differently and use creative solutions to solve large-scale problems. With decades of experience creating live entertainment experiences – as magicians, actors, directors, mentalists and more – we'll show you how to become a real wizard and make the impossible possible.

"Progress is born out of change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything." - Nikola Tesla

Our talks and workshops provide a fun and transformative experience that will help you understand the techniques of directing attention, role-playing, storytelling, leveraging pre-existing knowledge and assumptions, and other magic-like methods. Unlock your own superpowers and create the better world you desire with Your Magic.

“My mind is the key that sets me free.”

- Harry Houdini

A. Las Vegas & Silicon Valley

P. +1 (415) 889-9491